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International Opportunities


International Opportunities

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Opportunities at Rider and after:
International education is a key tool for building "bridges"--connections between countries and cultures. In the post-9/11 world, language and culture awareness are critical for national security, political diplomacy and global economic competition.

When ordinary people of any age travel outside their comfort zones as international students, their "us vs. them" mentality will likely change into a multicultural respect for others, resulting in a stronger worldwide coalition of friendship, understanding and goodwill. Maturity, practical independence, self-confidence and greater self-awareness, and improved skills for building better relationships with others are just a few personal benefits young people gain from international educational experiences.

On a practical level, they become fluent in other languages, better understand other cultures and have a greater appreciation of their own, are able to better determine their career choices and begin building resumes. Employers place a high value on applicants who have had international education experiences and the demand among many professions for foreign language skills and experience in cross-culture awareness opens doors for more career options.

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