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Melanie Unruh
Kennett Square, PA
Major: English, Class of 2006
Studied Abroad in Spain

I remember that before I left I was really anxious about getting there and being overwhelmed by the language – thinking that maybe the accent would be really thick and wondering if I would be able to do it.  A week later, I had acclimated to exactly how he spoke and understood what he was saying.  We asked him, "Are you speaking slower?" and he said, "No, you just understand me now".

This is an experience that you'll always have.  You go there and you don't know what to expect but the experience becomes a part of who you are and then you want to go back and stay in touch with these people and your goal becomes to get back to this place.  The experience is so amazing and you just want to relive it over and over again.

Jarah Turner
Syracuse, NY
Major: Global and Multinational Studies, Class of 2006
Studied Abroad in Spain

London is the biggest city I've ever lived in and it's good to have that experience before I go on to graduate school. 

The professor was great.  He organized trips to the markets and other local attractions – places that tourists wouldn't normally go.  It was a great opportunity to experience real life in London. 

 Estefania Juncal
Wharton, NJ
Major: Spanish, Class of 2006
Studied Abroad in France

There were different groups – there was me from Rider, a group from West Michigan, and a group from Nebraska and we all just kind of bonded at the same time.  There were museums and movie theaters.  There were restaurants and we made it a point at least once a week to go to a nice restaurant together and get some real French food.  Just walking down the street was a big deal. 

Of the classes that I took, my favorite was the Theater class because it was different than studying Theater in the classroom.  We put on a whole play and the professor made it fun and interesting and we were in costume.