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For Faculty

Faculty & Staff-Led International Travel Programs




Faculty-led travel programs:

Most Faculty-led travel programs are generally 3 credits except for the service learning programs.

January, 2020
  • Arts Abroad in Bali & Bangkok with Dr. Hurwitz  
  • Nature's Business in Tanzania with Dr. Jonathan Husch, Dr. Cynthia Newman & Dr. Barry Janes 
Spring Break, 2020
  • Spanish 102 in Barcelona, Spain with Dr. Maria Villalobos-Buehner
  • Global Encounters to China with Dr. Jia Shen & Dr. Shunzhu Wang
May, 2020
  • Education Abroad: to Munich & Prague with Dr. Tracey Garrett & Dr. Mark Pearcy
  • CBA in Ireland with Dr. Larry Newman
  • Service Learning in Greece with Joan Liptrot

Faculty and staff who lead the international travel programs can view the following documents for more information:

Short Term Faculty Led Checklist_2016.pdf
Policy and Documents
Guidelines for Registration of Study Abroad Travel with the Department of State
CIE Guide to Faculty-Led International Programs