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Baccalaureate Honors Program

The Baccalaureate Honors Program (BHP) is flexible and intended to accommodate student's individual needs. The program encourages students to enrich their academic, cultural experiences by studying abroad or engaging in other co-curricular activities. Students in the BHP can earn honors credits for studying abroad for a semester.

Rider in China

1) Honors Contracts

Consult with Honors Director to see whether it is possible to arrange an honors contract in a course taken outside of Rider. This work would have to be evaluated by the faculty advisor for the contracts and reviewed by the Honors Director.

2) Paper & Presentation

Upon the completion of the experience, students can write a 6 to 8 page paper and design a presentation to share their study abroad experience. The paper must meet the criteria for a BHP course. The presentation can be given once or more frequently, and will be arranged through the CIE. The CIE will contact all students who are abroad and ask if they would like to be study abroad ambassadors. This work will be evaluated by the Honors Director and by the Associate Director the OIE.

3) Paper Only

Upon the completion of this experience, students can write a 12 to 15 page paper combine research and reflection on their experience. This work will be evaluated by the Honors Director and Associate Director of the OIE.

Papers are due no later than four weeks after completion of the experience. If an extension is needed, he/she must discuss changing the completion date deadline with the Honors Director and the appropriate supervisor.

Graduating Seniors, papers are due no later than two weeks after completion of the study abroad semester.

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Demonstrates understanding of the host culture and the influence of the study abroad experience on the student's perception of the culture
  • Demonstrated understanding of perceptions of people outside the U.S and the reasons for their perspectives.
  • Effectively incorporates outside sources and uses them to enhance the analysis of/ reflection on the experience 
  • Effectively employs persuasive evidence and analysis to support claims 
  • Articulates the value  of the experience in terms of broader cultural enrichment and interdisciplinary education
  • Exhibits deep reflection on the value of the experience to the student's own academic career goals

Writing/ Oral Presentation:

  • Logical organization of ideas
  • Clear and engaging presentation/writing 
  • Correct use of language (for writing) language mechanics 
  • Appropriate level of diction/rhetoric for intended public 

Credit will be awarded once the Honors Director and Associate Director of the OIE both give their approval of the complete product.