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Receiving Money from Home

American Express

American Express money orders are efficient and fast. Transactions should be initiated at a US American Express office and completed at an overseas branch. However, not all American Express Offices prepare money orders or wire money. American Express permits cardholders to cash personal checks of $300-400 every 21 days at any American Express office abroad with your AMEX card and passport. Check the limit as it may change before you go abroad.

Western Union

In most countries where Western Union wires money, delivery is usually made through banks. They money is usually available in a day or two, but it can take longer. Western Union has no direct control over the delivery system outside of the U. S. To collect the money, you will need identification (passport usually). Western Union usually asks a test question to ensure the recipient's identity. You can call Western Union with a Visa or MasterCard day or night to wire money and charge it to your card. This is usually the fastest method of sending money, although it is not the least expensive. In the U. S. call 1-800-325-6000 or visit the Western Union website.