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Provider Sites for Parents

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Provider Sites for Parents:

CAPA International Education
CAPA provides information for parents and families of students going abroad on its site. The site includes tips for health and safety, preparing for your student to go abroad, and supporting them while they are abroad.
CAPA Families Page

API (Academic Programs International)
The API website provides information on resources for parents/guardians of API students. It includes links to information regarding accommodating special needs, health and safety, financial information, parent checklists and parent testimonials. The site also provides links to student airfare websites and price breakdowns.
API Parents Page

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
ISA's website and related links are designed to provide parents and guardians with answers and information about ISA's programs. It is a resource for learning about ISA, what's included in the programs, and how to handle financial aid and health insurance. ISA also provides alumni comments and contact information to facilitate dialogue between past and present participants and their families. 
ISA Parents Page

CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange)
CIEE provides a "Parents Guide to Study Abroad" on its website. The guide includes information about health and safety abroad, insurance, key benefits and emergencies.
CIEE Parents Page

The Alliance for Global Education
Alliance's website provides helpful supplemental information that can help to ease the transition for parents and families. It includes information about health and safety, financing and pre-departure, as well as contact information for Alliance staff.
Alliance Parents Page

IFSA-Butler distributes special mailings and publications to keep parents informed about program details and all the preparations necessary for a great study abroad experience. The website provides information about finances and health and safety.
IFSA-Butler Parents Page

IES Abroad
IES provides comprehensive information for parents of students going abroad. The website includes information about Pre-Departure Orientation for families, safety, re-entry, and diversity. 
IES Abroad Parents Page