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Fulbright Program
The Fulbright Program provides grants for graduate students, scholars and professionals, and teachers and administrators from the United States and other countries.  The flagship international educational program sponsored by the U.S. Government, the Fulbright Program is designed to "increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries..." With this goal, the Fulbright Program has provided more than 250,000 participants -- chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential -- with the opportunity to study and teach in each other's countries, exchange ideas, and develop joint solutions to address shared concerns.


Rider University encourages students to apply for a Fulbright grant for post-graduate teaching or research abroad, and study abroad is a requirement for Fulbright acceptance. This is the most distinguished grant program offered in the United States for overseas teaching, study and research and you are now positioned to apply and win a grant that will open important academic and professional doors. For more information contact Dr. Castagnera at

Graduate and Professional School
There are a growing number of master's and doctoral level graduate programs focused on international and intercultural issues. Graduate programs in fields related to foreign languages, global studies, various area studies, development, cultural anthropology, intercultural education, foreign policy, and international education, among others abound. Your study abroad experience will help position you for acceptance into these programs.

Even fields not apparently "international"--science, technology, communications--offer specializations in foreign language or international aspects of the field. Consider also completing a masters and or doctorate abroad to internationalize your resume and improve your chances of gaining a job or academic position with an international focus either here or abroad.

Careers in international education, development, and government
There are a myriad of opportunities for employment in the field of international education, in development, with NGOs, and the U. S. government. In addition, a number of domestic jobs, including teaching in K-12 schools, involve working in multicultural and multilingual environments that your study abroad experience better prepares you to succeed in. YOU, not someone else, will be the person hired for these jobs because of your successful experience abroad, or at the very least, you will get your foot in the door to make your case. Below is a short list of some types of opportunities and sources of information:

Teaching English Opportunities:
Teach English abroad with the Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE)
All CIEE programs offer academic year teaching assignments, with Asia programs also offering a single semester option.  CIEE staff negotiates a placement teaching English, a local stipend, and temporary housing.  CIEE provides pre-departure advising, visa advice, medical insurance, a comprehensive in-country orientation, and a 24-hour support service. Program application deadlines are as follows:

  • Teach in Chile beginning in late February - apply by September 1st
  • VolunTeach in Chile beginning in late August - apply by May 1st
  • Teach in China beginning in late August - apply by May 1st
  • Teach in Spain beginning in late September - apply by March 15th
  • Teach in Thailand beginning in mid-October - apply by June 15th

For more information visit CIEE's web site at

Jobs and Careers: is a combination of social network and jobsite, which offers young professionals and students the chance to browse through hundreds of challenging international jobs, and internship offers from prestigious employers. A professional profile can be created in order to be found by international recruiters and for networking with peers from around the globe. Becoming a member on iHipo is free and only requires a few minutes of time.

  • Go to the Study Abroad Jobs and Careers webpage for some useful articles and an International IQ test at minutes of time.
  • Peace Corps of the United States. The Peace Corps offers approximately 7,000 volunteer positions in developing countries for two-year assignments in a variety of fields. All expenses are paid during service.
  • U. S. Department of State Foreign Service. If you are interested in working in the State Department Foreign Service visit The Foreign Service exam is required for entry into this division.
  • United Nations Careers, Internships and Volunteer Positions 
  • World Health Organization (WHO). The World Health Organization (WHO) works to extend health services to underserved populations of its member countries and to control or eradicate communicable disease.
  • International Career Employment Opportunities: International Career Employment Opportunities is a weekly publication that lists approximately 600 international job openings in the U. S. and abroad. For more information go to 
  • NAFSA Job Registry. This monthly newsletter lists job openings in international education from entry to executive level.
  • Fulbright and Other Grants for Graduate Study Abroad: This book is published by the Institute of International Education is "free" and offers a short list of grants for study and research abroad administered by IIE. It covers support for US graduate students. To get a copy, call 1-212-984-5330 or 1-212-883-8200, or write to US Student Programs, 809 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017-3580.
  • Volunteer Organizations: Sample volunteer organizations include CARE, Catholic Relief Services, the Institute for International Cooperation and Development (IESC), OXFAM America, Rotary International United Nations Volunteers and The World Bank Summer Employment Program. The Council on International Educational Exchange ( publishes a list of opportunities for community service positions in Europe and North America. IIE publishes Volunteer Work, which lists positions in 120 countries.
  • The Riley Guide The Riley Guide is a free employment and job resources website. The above subpages, focusing on "International Business Resources" and "Business and Employer Research," contain links to business directories, industry profiles and other sources of information.


Cambridge Scholarships:

In October 2000, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations of Seattle, USA announced a donation to the University of Cambridge as an endowment for the Gates Cambridge Trust.


Further information about the University of Cambridge, Its Board of Graduate Studies, the Gates Cambridge Trust, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation can be obtained from these websites:



Other Resources
Go Abroad. Sign up for their newsletter. Volunteer, teaching and of course study abroad opportunities are featured.

Halloran Ed. Careers in International Business. Impact Publications 2003. Methods to help young professionals find employment in international finance, marketing, management and sales.

Kopp, Harry W. and Charles Gillespie. Career Diplomacy. Life and Work in the U. S. Foreign Services. Washington D. C.: Georgetown U. Press, 2008.

Mueller, Sherry L. and Mark Overmann. Working World. Career in International Education, Exchange and Development. Washington D. C.: Georgetown,





University of California Irvine

International Opportunities Program - Teaching


There are hundreds of opportunities for teaching abroad. This page contains links to related web sites and listings of some of the more well-known programs that exist. Most of these teaching opportunities are for people who will have their Bachelor's degree by the time they begin the experience and who are not formally credentialed. The most helpful resources, those with which we suggest you begin your search, are noted with gold stars. If you are a UCI student and decide to participate in one of these, or any other program abroad, you are an IOP participant and need to pick up IOP Forms and Information from CIE!


An extensive web site listing teaching programs by Teach Abroad Programs

An extensive web site listing teaching programs by


University of Michigan's Work Abroad Overview and Resources

Provides a good overview of student teach abroad options, with resources for those with or without a teaching certificate.


Dave's ESL Cafe

A very comprehensive site containing links to job postings for those interested in teaching English as a Second Language worldwide.


Linguistic Funland: Job Opportunities and Information

Contains links to numerous web sites pertaining to teaching English as a Second Language abroad.


CSUN's Employment Opportunities for Language Teachers

Contains listings of relevant web sites.


ESL in Asia

A guide to teaching English in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Mongolia.



O-Hayo-Sensei is a free electronic newsletter that lists positions for those interested in teaching English in Japan.


Jobs in Thailand

Contains links to related web sites and tips on how to teach English in Thailand.


Transitions Abroad

A bimonthly magazine for those interested in working, studying, and living abroad. Available from fine bookstores and at local libraries, including the CIE Resource Library.


This list is meant to highlight only a few of the programs and is by no means a complete list.



AEON recruits teachers for their 190 private schools in Japan. BA required. TEFL background or knowledge of Japanese is helpful. Minimum commitment is one year. Training, work visa, furnished apartment and salaries are provided. Participants pay one-way airfare to Japan. AEON hires year-round.


Teach and Learn in Spain Program: Alcala University, Instituto Franklin (a Rider University partner university)

The Teach & Learn in Spain Study Program provides American students with the opportunity of studying a Master´s program from the Universidad de Alcalá under a scholarship scheme, while doing an internship in schools of the Community of Madrid. This internship will have a monetary compensation. Under the internship scheme, participants will teach English and other content courses in English as well as assist teachers in the classroom.

Participants can choose between two Master´s programs: Máster en Enseñanza de la Lengua, Literatura y Cultura en el Mundo Hispánico and Master in Bilingual and Multicultural Education.


The program is primarily devoted to American graduate students (who have completed a Bachelor's Degree) interested in the Education field and doing research about some aspect of Spanish literature, language, culture or bilingualism and multicultural education. Students will spend a whole academic year to complete the program (September- June). Students will be expected to teach English language skills to students in schools of the Community of Madrid. Interns will be working with teachers and will not be responsible for the classes.

For more information visit the website at



If you have a bachelor's degree and would like to participate in the adventure of a lifetime, you may want to consider applying for a teaching position in China through Marshall University's Appalachians Abroad Program. Universities from all over the People's Republic of China regularly agree to invite Appalachians Abroad participants to come to China and teach English as a foreign language. These one and two-year teaching positions usually begin from August or March.

Central European Teaching Program (CETP)



CETP is dedicated to providing native English-speaking teachers to schools throughout Hungary. We place teachers in Budapest, although our heart lies in finding teachers for elementary and high schools in communities with little access to English speakers. We welcome any college graduateyoung or oldwith the willingness to earn an online TEFL certificate and volunteer 20 hours in a classroom setting before arriving in Hungary.


CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange

CIEE offers this exciting, affordable opportunity to teach English to native college students in Chile, China, Spain, or Thailand.

All CIEE programs offer academic year teaching assignments, with Asia programs also offering a single semester option. CIEE staff negotiates a placement teaching English, a local stipend, and temporary housing. CIEE provides pre-departure advising, visa advice, medical insurance, a comprehensive in-country orientation, and a 24-hour support service. Program application deadlines are as follows:


 * Teach in Chile beginning in late February - apply by September 1st

 * VolunTeach in Chile beginning in late August - apply by May 1st

 * Teach in China beginning in late August - apply by May 1st

 * Teach in Spain beginning in late September - apply by March 15th

 * Teach in Thailand beginning in mid-October - apply by June 15th



CEP is a private voluntary organization dedicated to supporting higher education reform and democratic education in the states of Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Their Visiting Lecturer Program places Western-trained scholars in teaching and development positions across the region. In addition to their classroom teaching CEP lecturers are also agents of change. Visiting Lecturers engage in a wide variety of outreach activities, including curriculum revision and library development projects, the organization of faculty retraining seminars, and the sponsoring of academic conferences for students and faculty colleagues.


ECIS: The European Council of International Schools

ECIS is a non-profit organization of English-language-based elementary and secondary schools in 84 countries throughout the world. They represent the largest groups of such schools and recruit teachers for their member institutions through both their UK and USA offices.


ELTAP: English Language Teaching Assistant Program

The University of Minnesota, Morris, ELTAP offers a quarter-long - 11 week - academic experience for credit in assisting teaching of English in high schools and post-secondary institutions in Belarus, Cameroon, China, Czech Republic, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Namibia, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. BA not required.



EPIK seeks to improve the English-speaking ability of Korean students, to develop cultural exchanges and to reform teaching methodologies in English as a mandate of globalization of Korea. The Korean government is inviting English Language Instructors (ELIs) from six major English-speaking countries; United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, to teach English in the school system, to train Korean English teachers, and to assist provincial officers of education.



The French Ministry of Education offers paid teaching assistantship positions to teach English in primary and secondary schools in France. Applicants must be American citizens, 20-30 years of age, graduates or undergraduates, majoring or minoring in French, or having a good working knowledge of French. Teaching appointments begin in October and last 6-7 months. Applications are available on-line in September and the priority deadline is mid-December (for the following October).



Eight month T.A. positions are available assisting with English language instruction in Austrian secondary schools. Applicants should have at least a B.A. degree and be interested in careers in education. A working knowledge of German is required and necessary to facilitate classroom work.



Offers paid teaching assistantship positions in primary and secondary schools in Korea. Open to college graduates in all majors who are unmarried, without dependents, and under 30 years of age. No Korean language skills required and applicants must be native English speakers. Appointments begin in January and last 13 months.



GR offers year-round ten-week voluntary internships to students who teach English and other subjects in Kenya, Ecuador and Thailand. Knowledge of Spanish required for placement in Ecuador.



HLS in Taiwan seeks teachers who are enthusiastic, lively and have a genuine liking for children. BA required. Positions are paid, training is provided and they offer assistance with visas and accommodations.


InterExchange offers a variety of programs (summer and year-long) for both US and non-US citizens. They offer work programs in the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Norway, and Switzerland and au pair programs in Austria, Finland, France (summer and year), Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Spain.



IPSL offers programs which combine structured academic studies with substantial volunteer community service for a summer, semester or year in the Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, India, Israel, Jamaica, Mexico, the Philippines, and Scotland. Placements are available in areas such as English, foreign languages, history, languages, psychology, political science, social ecology, sociology and the social sciences and are individualized based on the student's needs and interests. Programs are based at recognized, degree granting institutions in the host country, involve 20 hours of service per week, and have an in-country resident director to assist students.



Teaching assistants help teach, tutor and supervise extracurricular activities at internationals schools around the globe. Must have BA and be able to offer immediate skills in coaching, tutoring, extracurricular activities and other areas student training. Positions are for ten months. Stipend, insurance and round-trip transportation provided. For more information, e-mail:




ISS is a placement service for experienced teachers. Areas in special demand include math, science, and computer education/technology. Applicants must have a Bachelors degree, two years of current full-time teaching experience, and must be willing to sign a two-year contract. Teaching certification is highly recommended but not required. For more information, e-mail: or visit


JET: Japan Exchange and Teaching Program

JET is a program is sponsored by the Japanese government. Positions are available as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), Coordinator for International Relations (CIR), or -- for non-U.S. citizens only -- Sports Exchange Advisor (SEA). The salary

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